All companies and organisations operating internationally can become members of FAFPI. It is required that members can show commitment to fight facilitation payments as well as share experiences and challenges with other FAFPI members.

Facilitation payments are legal only in a handful of companies. And by each day, a growing number of international organisations rejects facilitating payments, since it conflicts with their corporate governance mandates. Facilitation payments are a sign of corruption, which is why it is so important to fight them.

Why should you join FAFPI?

If you join FAFPI, you will contribute to the collective fight against facilitation payments. Our collected information puts FAFPI members in a stronger position to tackle the issue of facilitation payments worldwide. With a collective action against facilitation payments, FAFPI stands a chance to make a difference. After all, companies alone have limited power, especially when in opposition to governments.

Furthermore, FAFPI provides the opportunity of sharing best practice and to answer the question of how to handle demands for facilitation payments. Not only this, but FAFPI holds the potential to save its members from significant cumulative financial risk and frustrating delays caused by the demand of facilitation payments in the everyday performance of their business activities.

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