In FAFPI, we have defined a Blueprint for eradicating facilitation payments and are developing each element comprising this Blueprint. 

We not only develop these blueprints, but we also provide our members with practical tools for their implementation.

We offer the two tools below to help you determine if FAFPI is right for you and your organisation. 

Risk Assessment

The primary purpose of this tool is to determine whether facilitation payments are a significant concern in your organisation. It is also a great tool for selecting a focus area(s), the area of the highest risk of facilitation payments in the organisation.

FAFPI Risk Assessment Tool

Management Support

It is essential to get management to understand and support the effort to address the facilitation payment issue and to join the collective action. FAFPI has developed a set of documents to help you communicate the reasoning why and a FAQ that provides answers to the most common management questions.

One Pager