Here you will find resources that can help you and your organisation fight facilitation payments.

In FAFPI we have defined a Blueprint for working with facilitation payments and are now developing each of the Elements that comprise the Blueprint.

Below you will find sections with information about the Elements that have been published so far.

The Elements will evolve and improve over time so remember to check back once in a while.

Management Support

It is essential to get management to understand and support the effort to address the facilitation payment issue and to join the collective action. FAFPI has developed a set of documents to help you communicate the reasoning why and a FAQ that provides answers to the most common management questions.

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Policy Setting

Setting and expressing an appropriate policy for managing facilitation payment demands is a fundamental element of the compliance. The policy should make it clear for stakeholders (e.g., employees and partners) what it is all about and how to deal with a demand situation. The template policy offers a starting point that can be adjusted to fit the individual organisations need.

Policy template